Adesanya defeats Jared Cannonier in unanimous decision

Adesanya defeats UFC middleweight title by unanimous decision

Isreal Adesanya defeated American Jared Cannonier by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 50-45) to retain his UFC middlewieight title on Sunday.

The two fighters came into the session with great records, however after five rounds, Isreal stayed undefeated in the category and had the opportunity to get down on a probable next opponent, Alex Pereira who shared a UFC 276 fight card.

Since his UFC debut in 2018, ‘The Last Stylebender’ has stayed undefeated in the middleweight category.


Round 1: Very uninteresting. The two men getting some margin to measure each other up and landing body shots.

Round 2: Cannonier taking the fight to Adesanya and driving him to force into the tight spot occasionally. The battle is briefly halted as Cannonier must have his right eye checked. The round ends with Adesanya on top handling a major body shot.

Round 3: Cannonier send a left-right blend that fails to meet Adesanya. He attempts to wrestle Adesanya to the ground ineffectively and the two fighters exchange body shots. He attempts once more to wrestle Adesanya to the ground however falls flat. Cannonier drawing nearer to Adesanya, gets a secure and drives him into the corner. Cannonier takes a stab at digging his knees into Adesanya’s who figures out how to free himself and sends a head kick which finishes the round.

Round 4: Adesanya lands a major left hands which slants Cannonier’s head in reverse. Adesanya is making it incredibly challenging for Cannonier to land powerful punches. No bring down yet from one or the other fighter. The two contenders get into a secure yet Adesanya liberates himself. Cannonier showing more hostility and gets a secure and the two contenders trade body and head shots. Cannonier sends a head kick which Adesanya maintains a strategic distance from. Fourth round reaches a conclusion. Cannonier’s corner encouraging him to accept the battle to Adesanya as he is somewhere near 3 rounds to 1.

Round 5: Last round in progress. Cannonier surges out of his corner and is checked by Adesanya. The two contenders get into a secure and push into the tight spot. Cannonier diving into Adesanya’s knees. Cannonier endeavoring a bring down which comes up short and follows it up with a twofold punch. Adesanya answers with a head kick. The round ends.

Recall Drake Bet a million dollars on ‘The Last Stylebender’, this means the rap star is a few millions millions more richer.





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[…] Winning the fight means Adesanya retains his 185-pound belt. […]

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